Put your experience on the map!

1. Choose the weekly experience you want to promote. The image shown will serve as the marker icon on our homepage’s map. When one clicks on your marker it will bring up a pop up featuring your experience description, venue and hours details along with a photo and link of your choice. 

2. Click the corresponding “Buy Now” button. Fill out the form and use the promo code dcmappin for a FREE marker!

3. We will take care of the rest!


Happy Hour

DC sets the bar when it comes to happy hours. Promote a 2×1 deal, National Tequila Day (July 24th), a special discount for groups, a weekly special or a seasonal drink. 

Good fit for: bars, restaurants

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What makes your offering stand out from the rest of the brunchosphere? Maybe it’s a french toast sandwich, live music, or perfectly poached eggs. Bottomless is the way to people’s taste buds!

Good fit for: restaurants

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Give your next show the center stage! Whether you are the venue, production company or the band, we want to help spread the word and sell out the show. When music hits you, you feel no pain.

Good fit for: venues, musicians, production companies

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Work it Out!

Our neighborhood is one of the fittest in America. Share your gym membership promotion, CrossFit bootcamp classes, morning spinning sessions and the like with our community!

Good fit for: gyms, yoga studios, fitness events

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Caffeine High

DC’s wealth of independent coffee shops keeps the city buzzing. Give our community the scoop on a seasonal coffee beverage, a cupping event, a breakfast combo, an open mic night or a book club. 

Good fit for: coffee shops, pop ups

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Quick Bite

Quick, no-frills food appeals to the masses. Jumbo slice remains the quintessential way to end a nightcap. Where’s a falafel sandwich icon when you need one? ha

Good fit for: restaurants, stores

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Third Date

Help make the third date an epic night! Candle-lit dinners, bars with games,  bourbon cocktails at a speakeasy, and concerts come to mind. Here’s to less swiping and more third dates! 

Good fit for: restaurants, event venues 

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Girls Night Out

Can your spot make it a selfie worthy night? A girls night out is all about dance parties, dressing up and checking out boys. For every day that ends in ‘y’ there’s a girls night out.  

Good fit for: restaurants, bars, event venues

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Promote a special sale or an exclusive offer. We want to help businesses in the neighborhood sell out everything from fancy napkins, succulents, modern furniture to tacos al pastor.

Good fit for: retailers, discounted products/services, restaurants

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Get Cultured

DC’s flourishing cultural scene flies a bit under the radar. Help change that by targeting performing arts enthusiasts, gallery explorers, film lovers and museum goers. 

Good fit for: theaters, exhibits, museums

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Do Good

Raise awareness about a nonprofit event, a community event, a volunteer effort, a charity drive, or a benefit event. Doing good for others is not a duty, it is a joy!

Good fit for: nonprofits, community/volunteer events

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Shot of the Week

We show love for our favorite photo of the week from our feed. On Instagram, use the hashtag #14thandu and/or tag us in photos for a chance to be featured on our map. 

Good fit for: Instagrammers in DC!

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Enlighten our community about a yoga/pilates session, a deep tissue massage, a vegan meal, a spiritual gathering or a day at a luxury spa.  Your health is your wealth!

Good fit for: spas, salons, massage therapy

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Networking makes the nation’s capital go round. Boost attendance at your next #dctech meetup, expat gathering,  language exchange group, or a young professionals event.

Good fit for: event organizers, event venues

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14th Street and Shaw are a feast for taste buds. Both have emerged as premier food neighborhoods in the USA. Highlight a seasonal menu, a special dish or a unique dining experience.

Good fit for: restaurants

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Spread the word about your next set. It doesn’t matter if it’s Drake on repeat, a 80’s Rock dance party, an EDM show, or a 90’s Hip Hop night as long as the crowd nods their heads and moves their feet. 

Good fit for: bars, music venues, nightclubs 

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Entice the eyes and taste buds of sweet tooths! We are beginning to crave pop tarts, gelato, and chocolate orange scones all at once. :p

Good fit for: dessert shops, restaurants

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Men's Style

Men’s Style

14th Street and Shaw’s retail scene continues to blossom. Put your retail store, barber shop and the like on the map. We want to help improve foot traffic and get you repeat customers. 

Good fit for: clothing and accessory stores, barber shops

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Women's Style

Women’s Style

14th Street and Shaw’s retail scene continues to blossom. Put your retail store, salon and the like on the map. We want to help improve foot traffic and get you repeat customers. 

Good fit for: clothing and accesory stores, beauty salons

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Farmers Market

Put your farmers market or booth on the map! The abundance of farmers markets and local vendors in DC makes us smile. Weekend mornings at farmers markets have become part of DC life.

Good fit for: farmers markets, vendors

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For Sale

Put your listing on the map! Location, location… lucky for you, your neighborhood is in the heart of DC. Highlight the walking distance to premier restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks and retail.

Good fit for: home owners, realtors

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For Rent

Add your rental/sublet listing to our map. Highlight the walking distance to premier restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks. retail and other amenities.

Good fit for: home owners, realtors

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Promote your hot hotel deal! Your lodging is a hop and a skip away from DC’s top tourist attractions, trendy dining, and stellar nightlife and entertainment.

Good fit for: hotels, hostels, lodging

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Wild Card

In case none of our experiences fit what you are looking for, Gilbert the Goldfish has you covered! Gilbert is open to new experiences as long as they are not sexually explicit. 

Good fit for: anything

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